Note: If you prefer to do a quick read, pay attention only to the underlined parts of the text

Camelot. The Capitol of Briton. A place of abundance and happiness.
It is ruled by the honorable King Arthur and his noble Knights of the Round Table

The only known dangerous opponent to this Kingdom of Heaven is the infamously cruel Lord Mordred, who has been well kept in check by the Holly Knights, but the invasions from the north have increased during the last two years and that has been keeping King Arthur away from his beautiful wife Guinevere and away from his palace and people.

Your village is sitting by a forest not too far away from the Castle of the King and you spent most of your childhood training in the arts of the knighthood and dreaming of becoming one of the great warriors whose bravery and chivalry provide peace and prosperity never before seen in these lands.

It is the morning after your 18th birthday and your hangover is not completely gone just yet, but you are not going to be able to rest today, because the Village Elder wanted to see you. You don’t need a reminder of something this important, but your mother doesn’t miss the opportunity to mention that you have to get up and prepare for the meeting. You don’t really know what will come out of this invitation from the most respected person in the village, so you try not to have any expectations about the subject you will discuss.

However, the thing that really gets you out of bed is one of those annoying little creatures that have been roaming the lands lately. You’ve heard the people calling them inferno imps and speculating that they are just the beginning of a much bigger infestation of hell born creatures, but you’ve never been a fan of conspiracy theories, so you simply disregard all the nonsense and whenever you run into one of these, you simply hit it in the head with your wooden training sword and they fly away in pain and anger while whispering words in some strange language nobody seems to understand.

Just a few minutes after batting the little imp on its brainless head, you are sitting with the Village Elder at his office, which is supposed to be the most prestigious place around, but it actually is just a small dark room with old furniture and many hunting trophies and military honors hanging on the walls.

“I wanted to see you today, so we can talk about your life journey, son” the wise man starts the conversation.

“I’d like to go to the Castle, your honor, become a Knight of His Majesty, serve my country and then come back here and start a family” you are quick to interrupt him.

“Well, young man, fate has chosen a different path for you, at least in the beginning of your adulthood” he says “You are not who you think you are. It is time for you to find out the truth about yourself” and he adds “Your parents did a very good job raising you and I know you could’ve not asked for much better upbringing, but your are not their son. You were born in Camelot 18 years ago as the firstborn child of the King

“How do you dare talk to me like that and why do you say such unbelievable things to me!?” you can’t help, but get upset about all this nonsense talk “It seems that your age is starting to show and your brain is playing games on you or is this some kind of a joke?”

“It is the truth. I guess that I owe you a further explanation. Before you were born, my good old friend Merlin the Wizard told the King that the Devil himself ordered the very Last Ancient Evil to move into this lands. That is about the same time sightings of hell born creatures started happening in the Kingdom and the old legend said that no person alive could defeat this most powerful guardian of the last portal to the inferno world”

“So, all those predictions of the hell creatures invasion are true” you think aloud.

“Yes, son, they are real and there was no force known to man which could prevent that of happening, but about twenty years ago, Archangel Gabriel appeared before King Arthur and delivered the news that the Lord himself will bless the firstborn boy of His Majesty to have the power to prevail in a battle against the Evil Guardian. However, the monarch’s heir was said to be vulnerable until reaching maturity and he needed to be kept out of the Devil’s sight all the way to the age of 18. Two years later the King fathered a child and you were born in the Castle of Camelot. A beam of light from the skies shone down upon our capitol for a whole week, but because you needed to be protected, you were pronounced dead at birth and were given to this wonderful childless family in this village to raise and care for you

Before you could even comprehend the seriousness of what the Elder is saying, he keeps going with instructions and further advice for the success of your mission:

“Unfortunately, God’s blessing alone can’t help you defeat this Demon of Darkness. You have to first find the High Priestess of Avalon and ask her to let you use the Enchanted Sword of the Forefathers. To be successful in your mission, you must also obtain other items along your journey in the Kingdom and only then you can proceed up to the mountains to find the Evil Mouth cave where this Ancient Evil has established its malicious camp”

“Wow!” you exclaim “What else can you tell me about the journey ahead of me?”

“Well, keep in mind that nobody can find out your true identity or your life will be in grave danger. Total of three people alive are aware of who you are: me, Merlin the Wizard and the High Priestess also known as the Lady of the Lake. Even your father the King wasn’t informed where you grew up or who raised you, but what he knows is that you will come back a hero someday and he is eagerly awaiting your return”

“Now, time is running out, so you must go immediately. May God be with you, son!”