Indoor Adventures
turn your home into a theme park

Tired of chasing Pokemons? Save the world in this epic hero medieval adventure. The "Last Ancient Evil of Camelot" is a quick response augmented reality treasure hunt with elements of timing sequence puzzle. This is NOT a video game. Instead, it is a Real World Adventure Experience, which turns your own home into an enchanted fantasy land for you to explore using a smartphone. Find hidden items such as the Mythical Sword Excalibur, a Blessed by God himself Crusader's Shield, the Ecnhanted Arrow from a well known fairytale; Learn a Magic Spell from the Wizard Merlin to be able to part the mists, so you can search the Lake Lands; Talk to the High Priestess of Avalon to get the power to pull the Sword out of the stone; Meet some of Robin Hood's followers; Get an Old Key to access the King's Treasure Room; Search in person through the Medieval Castle of Camelot, the Enchanted Lake of Avalon and the Sherwood Forest to gather the equipment needed to defeat the Strongest Demon of Darkness, who is guarding the Portal to the Inferno World at the Evil Mouth Cave.

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As of this moment, the North Pole Experience is in very early stages of planning. Our hopes are that we can release a short Christmas Workshop Adventure sometime this upcoming Holiday Season. You will be able to set it up in the comfort and coziness of your own house and have your kids explore Santa's Village in person. This will be an experience they will never forget.

Outdoor Adventures

This Halloween season, we partnered with the Naperville Park District and designed the Haunted Naperville Augmented Reality Riverwalk Adventure. While helping the ghost of little Mary find its eternal peace was a huge success and it gained us a lot of followers, the outdoor adventure was meant to be a seasonal experience, so it has been since removed, but it will be back again every year at the same time. You can take a peek at how the adventure starts and some of the details at the following link: meet the ghost of little Mary

There is also a plan to develop a fantasy style adventure for another local park in 2018. It will be more permanent of a display throughout the spring, summer and fall seasons at Knock Knolls Park in Naperville. Stay tuned for more details!

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